Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one more word

In rereading my previous post, it occurred to me that it might not be obvious to the average joe that my students can't sign their contributions on oneword.com with anything that would be a clear indication of their identity. Well, let's just say that they could, but then I'd be at fault for allowing it. And then I'd be hitting the pavement again, looking for another job. Not a scenario I'm looking to carve out for myself any time soon. Let's remember: I like my job.

Contact between those that are in and those that are out is closely controlled here. Certain websites are blocked within the system for security purposes. Local news in print, video, audio and web format, is a no-no. The kids would be all over the police log and latest A&B stories, reading about the goings on of their fellow friends and gang members, as well as those of rival factions. Those aren't conditions we want to invite into the hallowed halls of DYS. These kids are here for treatment, which includes not just learning how to improve their academic skills, but also their life skills, their coping skills, their emotional intelligence. Careful steps are taken to minimize the distractions.

Note that I didn't say eliminate. I didn't say "eliminate the distractions." Wonder why?

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