Thursday, January 7, 2010

the smell that surrounds you

I realize that this isn't the most savory topic for my first blog entry of 2010, but I've been moved to write from the heart. Whatever the substitute cook made for lunch today is causing every single resident to make painfully obvious their resulting indigestion. Every kid has passed gas since lunchtime. I can also hear staff members downstairs having the same problem. It is now 2:31 and I am contracted to be here until 3pm, but, dear Jesus, let's remember that heat rises, and it's becoming unbearable up here on the third floor. There's no escaping it. So, let this be a parting farewell, or a farting parewell, take your pick. I'm OUT.

1 comment:

  1. HAAAAH!!! BB BB whatcha gonna do????? This is so funny! I'll bet the cook did it on purpose! Now that's power!
    Happy 2010!! may future days in the clink be as strong, but less pungent!!!!