Thursday, April 9, 2009

April is Poetry Month

In a nod to Poetry Month...

ready to learn

I always hear them before I see them
the unmistakable shuffling
the slow, methodic pace
State-issued plastic sandals

scuffing on concrete
sliding down the hallway

Making their morning commute

to my classroom.

pausing at the doorway, we greet each other
gaze to gaze
silently asking permission
to enter the room.
Good Morning, Augustin
comes out of my mouth
and nothing comes out of his,
but I know
he is glad to be welcomed
somewhere. Here.

ready to learn looks like this:
loose, khaki pants
suspended--by some miracle--
below the hips,
dark green, poly/cotton

illogical golf shirt
and those (hideous) sandals.

perfectly patterned
beautiful cornrows,
sparkling smile
eyes the color of dark chocolate
making brave contact with mine.

in spite of everything,
is standing at attention
at my classroom door
for today's lesson
to begin.

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